Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Recently, I received an e-mail about Diapers:

"I used to use Costco’s brand diapers, but felt like they weren’t that great of a deal. So I switched to Target’s store brand, which recently raised its prices and lowered its quality and I no longer want to use those. So I decided to do a little sleuthing around to see what the best deal is on diapers.

I only compared 3 stores (Dollar General, Target and Costco), but here’s what I found:Dollar General is by far the least expensive for diapers, even in the smaller packages

Target is the next best, on Huggies or Pampers on sale (plus, you can use coupons)

Then Costco’s price on Huggies is next best

Finally, and shockingly, Costco’s Kirkland brand is THE most expensive!!!

But, Costco’s wipes are the cheapest, so I’ll still get those there." - April

This got me thinking about Diapers. I have my own system and I know what I consider a good deal, but what about everyone else? What do you consider a good deal on diapers and where do you generally buy them?

Personally, I generally buy Walgreens brand or Kroger brand diapers. They are the same diapers, just different store names on the packaging. I can usually pick up a pack for about $4 - $5 and the quality is acceptable. It may not be pampers, but it does the job and it's half the price.

BTW, Thanks, April, for the e-mail.