Monday, January 12, 2009

Kroger Trip 1/12/09 & Coors Light MIR Form

My daughter and I made a trip to Kroger this morning. I wanted to grab a couple copies of yesterday's paper for $1 each and get some groceries. While there I found the Coors Light MIR for $15 back, I doubt I'll use it because we do not drink beer, but there were a couple coupons in the pamphlet that look alright--the best one seems to be the $1 off Campbell's Chunky Fully Loaded Soup (I believe they are $1.50 this week at Kroger), so that would make them $.50/each.

I spent $23.59 ($2.01 was tax) and I'm already over my budget for the month. My plan is to continue to try to keep each week around $25 for the next several weeks that way I can get back on track. February is a few days shorter than January, so that should be a little helpful. Basically, I'm just avoiding the sales, even though it's difficult. Other than basic grocery needs, I am not going to get anything, unless it's FREE! I'll probably still hit up CVS a couple times this month, since I have quite a few ECBs that I need to keep rolling but other than that, I'm not spending $$$.

Oops, I almost forgot to mention the Powerade Zero is still on sale for $1 -$.40 Doubled = $.20/each and Snapple Teas and fruit drinks are also on sale for $1 - $.75 coupon = $.25/each.

This week, I was not able to find much marked down, maybe I visited a little too early in the day. Last week, I went in the afternoon (also on a Monday) and found great deals on meat and dairy items. The only two Manager's Special items I purchased were a pound of sausage for $1.29 (50% off) and Paula Dean Chicken and Dumplings for $2.99 (50% off) - $1 off peelie on the the package = $1.99.

Other than the Powerade Zero and Snapple, I also picked up 2 half gallons on milk on sale for $1.59 * 2 = $3.18 for a gallon. That's actually not too bad a price around here. I always feel like I've done great if I can get a gallon for $3, but I'll settle for $3.18 since it's been $3.20 + even at Wal-mart lately. Also, picked up bananas (my daughter's favorite) and oranges since they were on sale for .64/pound.

If you have a Kroger in your area, I highly recommend using their website regularly. They have great tools to help you plan your shopping trip ahead of time and you can upload e-coupons to your Kroger card. It's also a great idea to visit the Coupon Mom site for coupon match-ups or forums like Hot Coupon World and the one on Refund Cents.

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