Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kroger's Trip, Potty Training, and Kraft!

Today has been a pretty good day!

I went to Kroger to see if there were any unadvertised deals and decided to match up a couple coupons with the ones loaded to my Kroger card to see if I could get a few things...

Some deals:
Hormel Pepperoni 8 oz. packages are on sale 2/$5 until the end of the month. I had 2-$.35 coupons that doubled to take off $1.40 = $3.60 for a pound of pepperoni--that's a pretty good deal to me! 2/$5 - 2 (.35) * 2 = $3.60

Ragu is $1.58 a jar, which is not a great deal but there is a shortcuts coupon for $.50 off 2 and a regular coupon for $.50 off two that doubles: $1.58 (2) = $3.16 - $1.50 = $1.66/2 jars--just noticed that another $1 came off on the Ragu for the Ragu Pouch even thought I didn't buy it. That means, I got 2 jars for $.66 or $.33 each!

Found Claim Jumper Lasagna on close out for $1.99 each--originally $3.99 each.

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables were $1.20 * 2 = $2.40 - $.50 shortcuts coupon= $1.90 - $.50 coupon doubled = $.90 for 2 packages

New York Crouton were $1.89 - .$50 * 2 = $.89/package

We also got a Pampers Potty Training Kit in the mail today. I think I signed up for it on their website a few weeks ago. I actually forgot about it. Emily's not quite ready yet (she's only 14 months), but I went ahead and signed up because I wasn't sure how long it would take.

I also received the Kraft Food & Family magazine with lots of recipes today. I don't remember this one at all. . .must have been a freebie!

Oh, and just because it was funny. . .there's a sample of the Kleenex with lotion in the Good Housekeeping magazine that just came in the mail. My daughter used it as a napkin--so, maybe that saved us $.01!

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