Thursday, January 15, 2009


Moms clubs/groups are a great way to maintain your sanity and get the kids out of the house! If you aren't a member of a group, check one out. A lot of the groups are fairly inexpensive and they try to choose activities that aren't very costly because they know it can be a huge financial sacrifice to be a stay-at-home mom or just work part-time. I joined the Southeast Nashville Moms Club last summer and although Emily and I don't make it to all the events, I really enjoy going. And, I know it's great for Emily to get the opportunity to play with other kids.

Or you can try these sites (some of them may say Nashville, but also have communities all over) :
Moms Like Me
Moms Meetup Groups
Frugal Moms This seems to be a discussion group--still helps keep your sanity, though!

Try searching on-line or looking in the newspaper for your area. I had been wanting to join a group and one day the paper arrived with a story about a moms group in the area of Nashville that we happen to live!

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