Thursday, January 8, 2009

Spent $2.82 Today

I spent $2.82 between CVS and Kmart. I was only going to spend a $1 to cover tax, but then I saw the Russell Stover's Private Reserves on sale for $1.99 and I had $1 off coupons = .99. I only got two boxes, which I guess isn't too bad b/c I stopped myself from buying every box they had.

While at CVS, I also picked up 3 more boxes of Soy Joy. My daughter, Emily, loves these. So, I'm getting them for her to snack on or eat with her fruit and cereal at breakfast time.

The only other store I went to this morning was Kmart for the $1 Doube Coupons. I got 4 12-packs of TUMS Smoothies and only paid tax. Thanks, Rhea, for the coupons.

I may go back to Kmart later today to check out a few other items: Revlon beauty tools, snapple, and maybe more tums. I want to use any $1 and under coupons I can b/c they are not advertising the double coupons around here and the store is still stocked on those items this week. Next week, when they do doubles up to $2, I'm sure the shelves will get emptied on the first or second day for most items.

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  1. I wish I had a Kmart close to me. Sounds like great deals.